Welcome to Cambourne Cultural Society!

CCSUK - The home of Indian culture in Cambourne. Envisioned and constituted by members of the indian community in Cambourne in 2010, the club has now expanded its span to include people from other communities in the local area who have a keen interest in the culture and arts of India. The club aims at promoting Indian culture, language and arts in the local area and celebrating the multi cultural society we live in. We believe culture can open the gates for fostering good community relations and help in community cohesion. 

Upcoming Event

Diwali 2019 Celebration

Cambourne Cultural Society, celebrating 10th year anniversary, brings you an opportunity to come together and celebrate Diwali, on 9th Nov 2019, Event has dance, dinner and  group performances. 

Main Hall, Cambourne Village College, Sheepfold lane, Cambourne, Cambridge, England, CB23 6FR

Date & Time
5pm to 10pm on 9th Nov. 2019 

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